The Nurture of Nature: Developing Character Virtues

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Adam Hoffman


Nature benefits individuals and societies in many tangible ways, yet the ability of nature to nurture character formation is under-examined. This paper explores the possibility that nature can teach us to care for the natural world, appreciate diversity, pursue environmental justice, and cultivate the virtues of gratitude and contentment.

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Adam Hoffman, University of Dubuque

Dr. Adam Hoffman is an Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the University of Dubuque. His background in aquatic biogeochemical cycling, passion for the environment, and desire to connect children to nature has led to an interest in the power of the out-of-doors. He directs the Chlapaty Summer Fellowship Program, aiding students in attaining their goals of graduate and\or professional school. As a member of the Wendt Advisory Board he helps promote a culture of character within the lives of the University of Dubuque's faculty, staff, and students. Upon retirement, which is still many years off, Adam plans to teach at a forest kindergarten.