Parents’ Growing Pains on Social Media: Modeling Authenticity

  • Jenn Supple Bartels University of Dubuque
Keywords: Character, Character and, Character and Social Media, Social Media, Parent's Growing Pains, Modeling Authenticity, Authenticity, Integrity, Identity, cyberbullying, Digital footprint, Parent overshare, Impression management, Altercasting, Facebook


Parents’ Growing Pains on Social Media: Modeling Authenticity
addresses the question of what it means to parent with integrity in a digital environment. Issues of disclosure, boundaries, identity, and authenticity all contribute to a consideration of locating the ethical line in creating a digital footprint for others (specifically our children).


Author Biography

Jenn Supple Bartels, University of Dubuque
Jenn Supple Bartels is Assistant Professor of Communication, Acting Communication Department Head, and Director of the COM 101/Speech Communication program at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa. She has also co-authored a public speaking text.