Faculty and Staff Scholarship and Creativity

Parker Palmer, in writing about the purpose of the educator, says that "to teach is to create a space where the community of truth is practiced." This lofty language is central to grounding our shared vocation as educators at the University of Dubuque. Teaching is at the heart of everything we do. Good teaching demands the pursuit of truth, expressed in a curiosity about and passion for the subject matter. It is a communal pursuit that connects our intellect to the world we seek to serve.
The work of every scholar featured at the University of Dubuque stands as a model of truth seeking in action. Each work translates curiosity and passion into ideas that contribute to the conversation in the academy and serve to better the world. We celebrate the community of truth known as the University of Dubuque and, in particular, each colleague represented here. May our shared vocation as scholars continue to impact the world for good."
- Mark D. Ward, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

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