University of Dubuque Natural and Applied Sciences

The Department of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS) includes biologists, chemists, a geologist and a physicist. The DNAS program teaches and encourages students to identify and analyze significant scientific issues of local and global concern including appreciating ecological diversity, evaluate the ethics of behavior and decisions likely to be encountered in one's professional career, contribute significantly to multidisciplinary teams researching scientific problems, communicate results according to professional standards in the form of reports, maps, graphics, and presentations, gather and perform quantitative analysis of scientific data using current technology, demonstrate content knowledge progress through improving performance on standardized tests, and to embrace lifelong learning. In the DNAS program, you become part of a community. We go on field trips together, go out to eat, have departmental parties, and get to know you well. Our departmental student organization, Web of Life, plans activities, works on the campus recycling program, goes on camping and boating trips, and provides a forum for discussing issues.
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