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0:00 - Introduction

0:53 - Background: Primary and Secondary Schools, Family Background,

3:33 - Journey to UD: Church and Family Influence, Traveling to Dubuque by Train, Other African Americans Students at UD in 1955, Introduction to Campus: Interview with the Choir Director

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Keywords: Church of the Master, James Robinson, Crossroads African,

11:45 - Social Activie: Soroiety, Dance Group, Friendships, Honor Society, Goats

13:44 - Academics: John Knox Coit, Philosophy and Sociology Major, Race Discussions with Students and Faculty.

20:03 - Acceptance by Other Students and the Dubuque Community: Sorority Integration, Roomates, Community Interaction, Other African Americans at Loras College and Clarke University.

29:47 - African-Americans on campus: Support, Meeting places, etc.

33:32 - Post-UD: Preparation, Careers in Social Work and Foundations,

36:40 - Social Activities, Part II: Cultural Experiences at UD, Dubuque and Chicago.

40:20 - Dance Group at UD: Performances, Modern Dance, Choreography, etc.

45:16 - Other Activities: Homecoming Queen, Honor Society, Academic Honors,

46:52 - Academics: High School and UD Experiences

47:40 - Overall UD and Dubuque Experience

49:33 - Family Academic Experiences

51:13 - Friends at UD

52:16 - Philosophy and Social Work Experiences

53:27 - Post UD II: Career in Non-profits