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0:01 - Intorduction

0:29 - Journey to Dubuque: Background

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Keywords: Atlanta; Baseball,; Basketball; Football; Georgia

3:58 - Journey to Dubuque: Recruitment

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Keywords: 1962; African American; Johnson; Presbyterian; Recruiting; Scholarship

5:38 - Racism and Diversity: No Black People

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Keywords: Derogatory Term; First Impression; Jim Meyer; Surprise

6:23 - While at UD: Fraternity

6:38 - Racism and Diversity: Derogatory Term

7:12 - Journey to Dubuque: Background Part 2

7:31 - Race and Diversity: Roommate and Number of African Americans

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Keywords: Bob Johnson; First White Roommate; Two African Americans

8:40 - While at UD: Football

8:45 - While at UD: Fraternity Part 2 and Death

10:53 - Academic and Social Life: Hunting and Angels

13:58 - Race and Diversity: Acceptance

28:00 - Journey to Dubuque: King Family and Original Ambitions

29:49 - Race and Diversity: Whites Marching for the Civil Rights Movement

32:09 - While at UD: Day to Day Activities

32:45 - Life After UD: Racial Tension on Campus

36:30 - Race and Diversity: Drawing Straws on Who Gets to Share a Bed With a Black Man

46:05 - Social Life

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Keywords: African-American Men; African-American Women; Clarke; Loras

47:31 - While at UD: Atheletics

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Keywords: Chad Evans; Honorable Mention; Mentioned Memory; Mercer; University of Dubque-Track; University of Dubuque-Basketball; University of Dubuque-Football

52:20 - Race and Diversity: Non-Accepting Towns

56:11 - While at UD

62:17 - While at UD: Roommate's Identity

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Keywords: Glen Ellyn; Illinois; William Westerbelt

63:17 - Favorite Memory: McCormick

68:19 - Life after UD: More prepared

84:34 - Life after UD: Diablo Black Mans Group