Life in Transition: Using Reflection and Gratitude to Discover Hope, Optimism, and Resilience


  • Jeffrey A. Haverland


Gratitude, reflection, Uncertainty, Transition, Liminality, Hope, Optimism, Resilience, Vulnerability, Love and loss, new normal


Humans are not immune to the challenges of uncertainty, transition, and
liminality—the space leading up to a transition, but we have it within us to
persevere. How we navigate liminal space is deeply personal, and even the
emotionally strongest individuals must find ways to demonstrate resilience
in order to successfully transition to a new normal. Reflection and gratitude,
valuable tools for developing resilience, force us to pause and find clarity in
real time. However, both require ongoing practice. As we seek to find our
happy endings, we must realize that fairy tales are merely tales, and we
should strive for happier endings, which emerge when we practice reflection
and gratitude to grow optimism, hope, and ultimately resilience.


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