Rachel Keating

Women in Aviation - headshots/photos

2001 UD Graduate – Flight Operations

Rachel Keating graduated from the University of Dubuque in 2001 with a major in Flight Operations.  She has always had an interest in aviation, and among her most memorable courses at UD are the flight courses, and anything that involved flying. 

In Spring 2000, she was an intern and Northwest Airlines, and she also recalls the flight competitions, “UD was one of the smaller schools, we competed against the University of North Dakota.”

While at UD, she was a member of AER, which for her was more of a club than a service organization.  She did do service things like the Flight Breakfast and highway clean-up, but what AER really did was it got students that were interested in flight both working and studying together. She remembers, “We would roll out our big maps and plan our cross country flights.”

The main thing she’s come across in regards to gender differences in the field is that some people would assume she was the flight attendant.